Course ID   1411
Course Name   Return Activated Sludge (RAS) 101 - Live Version
Sponsor Name   EnviroSci Corporation
Primary Contact   Bill Smith 
In the activated sludge process return activated sludge control and its impacts on other process control paraments, e.g. settling characteristics, slduge age is critical. The methods for determining the return activated sludge flow rates are explained and the mathematics of calculations are demonstrated. The purpose of the course is to expose the operator the different ways the return sludge flowrate can be determined so that the operator can better control the activated sludge process. Interactive calculations and graphics are employed to keep the interest levels elevated for an engaging and informative learning experience.
Course Level   Intermediate thru Advanced
Course Content    
* introduction to how a wwt operator fits into the big picture of facility compliance
* interactive review of the activated sludge process
* interactive presentation of the methods for determining return activated sludge flow
*line calculations
* hyperlinks to refernce material
* summary of method
* final quiz (scored)
Approved Industry   Wastewater
Target Audience    
* primarily intended for wwt plant operators * administrators, owners, design engineers will benefit as well
Training Format   Classroom
Type of Media    
Web Based
Contact Hours   8.0

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