Course ID   2940
Course Name   Sequencing Batch Reactors Operation and Troubleshooting 101
Sponsor Name   EnviroSci Corporation
Primary Contact   Bill Smith 
The course involves the design, theory and operation of Sequencing Batch Reactors with the emphasis on the mathematics, sampling and analysis required in order to diagnose and operate a SBR process.
Course Level   Intermediate thru Advanced
Course Content    
* Theory of a Sequencing Batch Reactor
* Difference between a Sequencing Batch Reactor and Flow Through Activated Sludge process
* Hydraulics of a Sequencing Batch Reactor
* Batch Volumes
* Dilution Effects on parameters
* Kinetics of Biological reactions
* Operation of a Sequencing Batch Reactor
* Process Optimization of a Sequencing Batch Reactor
* Sampling & Analysis for Operation & Troubleshooting of a Sequencing Batch Reactor
Approved Industry   Wastewater
Target Audience    
Wastewater treatment plant operators, especially those with BNR, SBR and/or less than 500,000 gpd plants.
Training Format   Classroom
Type of Media    
Contact Hours   6.0

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