Course ID   3117
Course Name   Wastewater Modeling for Plant Operation & Troubleshooting - Webinar
Sponsor Name   EnviroSci Corporation
Primary Contact   Bill Smith 
The use of basic mathematical models as implemented in spreadsheet, mathematical software and Envirosim’s BioWin software will be presented. The use of the models to benchmark and reality check plant performance will be demonstrated in order to give the operator and overview of what supporting tools are available to improve plant performance and evaluation.
Course Level   Intermediate thru Advanced
Course Content    
* introduction to how a wwt operator fits into the big picture of facility compliance
* interactive review of the spreadsheet modeling
* interactive presentation of the methods of employing mathematical software for model development
*line calculations
* hyperlinks to reference material
* overview of a high end mathematical model for complete wastewater treatment plant simulation.
Approved Industry   Wastewater
Target Audience    
Wastewater treatment plant operators, especially those with BNR, SBR and/or less than 500,000 gpd plants.
Training Format   Distance Education
Type of Media    
Graphic Displays
Contact Hours   5.0

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