Course ID   5222
Course Name   The Groundwater Rule for Public Water Systems: Water Supplier Training
Sponsor Name   PA DEP: Training Section
Primary Contact   William J McNamara 
Website   Partner Website
Pennsylvania’s Groundwater Rule sets new requirements for community groundwater systems with respect to treatment, monitoring and reporting, public notification, and dealing with significant deficiencies in a treatment facility. Operators and managers of groundwater systems should prepare for this regulation by becoming fully acquainted with the rule’s requirements and planning for any system or process changes that may be necessary to ensure compliance. This course is designed to provide operators and managers of community groundwater systems with an understanding of their responsibilities under Pennsylvania’s Groundwater Rule. Participants will be given an overview of the rule along with detailed explanations of the proposed treatment technique requirements, monitoring and reporting requirements, and other key rule components. In addition to general rule information, participants will be provided with, and instructed on how to use, an Excel spreadsheet developed by DEP as a tool for planning for and determining compliance with the Groundwater Rule’s treatment technique requirement.
Course Level   Intermediate
Course Content    
*Introduction (30 min) *Lesson 1 : Source Water Monitoring (45 min) *Break *Lesson 2: Treatment Technique Requirements (60 min) *Lesson 3: Compliance Monitoring (30 min) *Lunch *Group Activity #1: Monitoring Locations and CTs (45 min) *Break *Lesson 4: Demonstrating 4-Log Treatment of Viruses (60 min) *Group Activity #2: Demonstrating 4-Log Treatment (45 min)
Approved Industry   Drinking Water
Target Audience    
Operators from public drinking water treatment facilites that serve water obtained from groundwater sources.
Training Format   Classroom
Type of Media    
Contact Hours   5.0