Course ID   1249
Course Name   (COA02) Coagulation - Part 2: Coagulation Chemicals
Sponsor Name   PA DEP: Training Section
Primary Contact   William J McNamara 
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For surface water treatment plants, coagulation can be considered the “heart” of the conventional filtration process. Without proper coagulation, the entire filtration process will not be successful. In wastewater treatment plants, the coagulation/flocculation process may be used for solids removal to meet discharge requirements or for pretreatment purposes to remove toxic substances. This course focuses on the mechanisms and properties of primary coagulants and coagulant aids. Knowledge of these coagulation chemicals is crucial for troubleshooting and optimizing the coagulation process. The course materials are presented in a fun and interesting way. This course is fully narrated, so have your headphones ready!
Course Level   Intermediate
Course Content    
* Primary coagulants and their mechanisms of coagulation * Secondary coagulants and their mechanisms of coagulation * Other chemicals used in coagulation
Approved Industry   Drinking Water and Wastewater
Target Audience    
Surface water filtration treatment and wastewater treatment plant operators and managers.
Training Format   Distance Education
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Web Based
Contact Hours   2.0