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Course TitleContact Hours
Adult AED1.0
Cybersecurity & Accessing Funding 5.5
How to Convey Your Concerns to Your Board Effectively2.0
IS-700, National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction8.0
Micro-Hydro Technology2.0
Reservoir Management4.0
Source Water Protection Issues Discussion4.0
The Basics of Confined Space 5.0
Underground Technologies2.0
Updating System Maps2.0
VFD: Variable Frequency Drives3.0
(BIO10) Estimating Sludge Volume2.5
(BNR01) Nitrification and Denitrification - An Introduction to Nitrogen Removal3.0
(COA01) Coagulation - Part 1: The Chemistry of Coagulation2.5
(COA02) Coagulation - Part 2: Coagulation Chemicals2.0
(COAG3) Jar Testing for Process Control3.0
(LCR01) Lead and Copper Rule Basics3.0
(MGT04) Leadership and Decision Making for Sustainable Water and Wastewater Infrastructure2.0
(PNR10) Public Notification - An Introduction for NCWSs2.0

Note: A course marked with "In-House" is not available to the general public.

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