Course ID   30
Course Name   Problem Solving Mathematics for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Sponsor Name   PA DEP: Training Section
Primary Contact   William J McNamara 
Website   Partner Website
This course is designed to provide a thorough review fo the necessary mathematical concepts and skills encountered in the daily operation of a wastewater treatment plant. The textbooks and workbook used for this course provide concise, practical instruction in the math skill operators must have to pass certification tests.
Course Level  
Course Content    
* Solving Math Problems
* Fractions / Decimals
* Percentages / Square Roots
* Area / Volume
* Conversions / Powers
* Flow / Loading / Velocity / Pumping
* Laboratory Calculations
* Collection / Treatment
* Sludge Digestion
* Chemical Dosage
Approved Industry   Drinking Water and Wastewater
Target Audience    
Wastewater treatment plant operators interested in knowledge of the subject matter as noted in the course content and for those who need to advance their basic math skills. This course is helpful for all classification examinations.
Training Format   Classroom
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Contact Hours   36.0