Course ID   3884
Course Name   Activated Sludge Refresher - DEP
Sponsor Name   PA DEP: Training Section
Primary Contact   William J McNamara 
Website   Partner Website
This was developed as a prepatory course for the activated sludge certification exam as well as a refresher for certified operators. Operators will be engaged in active classroom discussion as well as small group exercises. Operators will be provided, in advance of the training dates, with vocabulary and other training material. Successful students will familiarize themselves with this material before the classroom training. The training provides an opportunity to prepare for the activated sludge licensing exam. Training includes exam taking skills and practice, math drills, concept reinforcement, confidence building, homework, and a supportive learning environment.
Course Level   Basic thru Advanced
Course Content    
* Troubleshooting
* Nitrogen cycle in wastewater
* Nutrient removal
* Organisms throughout the treatment process/microlife
* General activated sludge processes
* Aeration systems
* Solids management
* Process control calculations/decision making
* Wet weather operations
* Final clarifiers
* Chemical feed rates
* Process control math
Approved Industry   Wastewater
Target Audience    
Operators in training and as a refresher for licensed operators.
Training Format   Classroom
Type of Media    
Graphic Displays
Contact Hours   16.0