Course ID   4074
Course Name   Underground Technologies
Sponsor Name   Pennsylvania Rural Water Association
Primary Contact   Joel B Jordan 
    814-353-9302  Ext. 201
Website   Partner Website
The course will cover the basic principles of Horizontal Directional Drilling. Specific topics will include; proper design and layout, drill rig sizes, recycling systems, methods of piloting, types of cutting heads and reamers,reviewing geotechnical information, pull back forces and the various material suitable for HDD. Pros and Cons of various trenchless methods will be presented. Additionally, it will provide general information on the use of PVC plastic pipe material in potable water main installations. Installation methods will focus primarily on the trenchless variety (horizontal directional drilling, slip lining, and pipebursting).
Course Level   Basic thru Intermediate
Course Content    
*Horizontal Drilling Process
*Heat Fused PVC Pipe Process
*Slip Lining Installation Process
*Pipe Bursting Installation Process
Approved Industry   Drinking Water and Wastewater
Target Audience    
Water and wastewater system operators and managers
Training Format   Classroom
Type of Media    
Contact Hours   2.0