Course ID   5031
Course Name   National Incident Management System (NIMS) & Tabletop Excercise
Sponsor Name   PA DEP: Training Section
Primary Contact   William J McNamara 
Website   Partner Website
During December 2008 PA DEP, with backing from U.S. EPA Region III, initiated a training workshop (course 3422-Water Sector ICS + NIMS Refresher Training and County-Level Tabletop Exercise) with the overarching goal of bringing the water sector together with the public safety sector at the county-level to discuss response to a utility related incident. The requested course is a modification of the 3422 course targeted to agency who might not otherwise attend the full course. The goal of the modified course is twofold. One is to gain support for the on-going 3422 workshop, and two is to both expose participants to the training materials and to share the lessons learned from years one and two of course 3422.
Course Level   Basic thru Intermediate
Course Content    
• Part 1 will be a 1-hour lecture on the National Incident Management System with an emphasis on the importance of exercises, training, and the Incident Command System as related to preparedness. • Part 2 will be a 2-hour tabletop exercise utilizing a hazardous material spill scenario affecting both a water and wastewater utility. • Part 3 will be a brief presentation of the lessons learned from course number 3422.
Approved Industry   Drinking Water and Wastewater
Target Audience    
Water and wastewater utility personnel, PA DEP Office of Water, U.S. EPA, public officials, and public safety agencies
Training Format   Classroom
Type of Media    
Contact Hours   3.0